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Welcome newcomers and old members alike!

You probably visited this page in hope of becoming a new member of this guild, or simply out of simply interest. I'm here to tell you a little about the guild and what our ambitions are!

Reverie was formed only weeks ago, and therefore still very young. That doesn't mean that the players are inexperienced aswell! Actually it is quite the opposite! The players in our core group have all been raiding for several years and have alot of experience with Heroic encounters.

Due to our (currently) small roster, there are a few thing that you, as a potential member need to know before applying.

Our current focus is to assemble as strong a team as possible before going into the new expansion. This does not mean that we will not be raiding SoO when we got the team ready. It does mean though, that we in WoD will be expanding to 20-man Mythic, and therefore will take any application into consideration if you are looking for a future 20-man mythic guild.

Patience. This is a keyword for every new guild. If you want to apply to Reverie, dont expect to be accepted and then carried through a raid. You will be a part of the completely new team and therefore you will need to carry you part of the weight too. There may be times when we cannot raid simply because we lack manpower. This is something that you need to consider before applying. You will become a part of a strong team, build from the ground up and not just another guy writing an application.

Friendship. Often associated with ponies and what kinds of silly matter, but nonetheless important in every effective team, both ingame and IRL. We want every new member to feel as they are part of something bigger, and that we together can accomplish more than we could alone. We therefore hope that you as a new member will participate and most of the social aspects of the guild aswell, as this will only reinforce the team!

At last, I want to say thank you for visiting our site and taking your time reading the wall of text!
Happy applying!

Officer of Reverie
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